Let West View Look After Your Properties

When you entrust your property to West View, you can be fully confident that we will look after it as if it were our own. We take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously. For the team at West View, that entails being mindful of property value over both the short and long term, maximizing financial return to you, the owner, and representing you in a legal and efficient manner.

Not only are we tuned in to the local market, monitoring trends and prices on a monthly basis, but we also are aware of local development, taxes and policies and we assure strict tenant compliance to stated procedures. Our team responds quickly to the need for ongoing maintenance and repair and we take pro-active action when warranted to assure that necessary expenses are kept to a minimum.

An an owner, you will receive comprehensive monthly reports and we issue your payments on a timely basis. As a full-service agency, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the local market so that we can answer your questions and respond to your needs. In addition, we believe you will find our rates extremely reasonable for the services we provide.